Create your motivation SOS plan

Motivation is not constant.

Some mornings you jump out of bed for a morning run. Others you can barely drag yourself out from beneath the covers to make a cup of coffee.

Your best defense against these motivational dips is an SOS plan. Your Motivation SOS Plan will be another tool for long-term success.

A Motivation SOS plan has 3 parts:

  1. The warning sign
  2. The danger zone
  3. The reaction

1) The warning sign

This describes what you do (or don't do) when your motivation starts to dwindle. You might:

  • Stop weighing yourself daily
  • Only log your meals occasionally
  • Not work on your action plan that you set with your Goal Specialist

2) The danger zone

This identifies how you know the warning sign is a problem -- a red flag (if it wasn't a problem, it would probably be green).

For example, you may forget a single weigh-in if you hit the snooze button one too many times (it happens). But if you miss three weigh-ins in a row, this should be a red flag that there's something deeper going on.

3) The reaction

This outlines what action you'll take to prevent your slip from becoming a slide.

Either you can initiate this action (if you're extremely self-aware) or your Goal Specialist can start the ball rolling (if you need a little extra support and accountability).

For instance, here are some sample actions:

  • Your support team at Noom may send you a text message to check in.
  • A friend may reach out to your spouse or BFF to help you get back on course.

Putting the warning sign, danger zone and reaction all together, here are some examples of Motivation SOS plans.

Example #1

Warning sign: I stop weighing myself.

Danger zone: I skip two weigh-ins in a row.

Reaction: I let my Goal Specialist know that I need some extra support.

Example #2

Warning sign: I stop logging my meals.

Danger zone: I only log one meal or snack per day.

Reaction: I ask my Goal Specialist to help me create an action plan to check-in at a specific time each day.

Example #3

Warning sign: I distance myself from the app.

Danger zone: I miss a check-in with my Goal Specialist.

Reaction: The Noom team will email me to help me reconnect with her.

Got it? Good. Now it's time to create your own. 
Great job! Excellent! Noomalicious!
Not quite! Sorry! Whoops!
The correct answer is:

Fill in the blanks to come up with your personal Motivation SOS plan. When you finish, we'll put it in action - in the coming days, the Noom team will reach out when you find yourself falling off and need some extra motivation and support! 

Warning sign: I know I am falling off when ____. 

I didn't log any of my day's meals.
I didn't read any of the day's articles.
I didn't open the app.
Great job! Excellent! Noomalicious!
Not quite! Sorry! Whoops!
The correct answer is:

Danger zone: I am in the danger zone if this happens  ____ days in a row.

Great job! Excellent! Noomalicious!
Not quite! Sorry! Whoops!
The correct answer is:

Reaction: When this happens, the #NoomNerds should...

Send me a text message.
Send me an email.
Don't take any action -- I'll take action myself!
Where should we send a motivating text message?
Oops! Please enter a valid phone number and include a country code if you're outside the US!
What is the best email address to reach you at?
Oops! Please enter a valid email address.
Enter a subject line that will help motivate you!
Oops! Please enter a subject line.

High five!

All there's left to do is to "Commit" to your SOS plan. Once you do, we'll turn it on.

That way, you will be equipped with the best plan to take action and help you get back on track if ever you slip into the danger zone!